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now you know why we created koa, lets look at what we want to provide you with for your camp experience

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Having trouble pulling off a certain move? Have you got a sneeky little power move that you'd like to share? Our WORKSHOP sessions give you a chance to do either or both

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We have hand picked coaches from each discipline who are not only high standard athletes, they are also known for being high standard teachers so you can get the most from your week with us

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Who doesn't love an open mat? Trust me we love them as much as you do so expect plenty. All open mats will be overseen to keep an eye out for anyone attempting to throw an ankle lock on a beginner. Let's keep it fun


We all love to hate circuits but they are the most effective way to keep your cardio at peak so you can compete at your prime and have more fuel in the tank for those times that you need it most

we sat and thought about the best way to structure the camps for you.

there are 4 camps in total, back to back so if you would like to do more than one camp then you have the option to choose as many as you'd like from boxing, bjj gi, nogi grappling, and mma.

we're looking to add more disciplines in the future!


All of our camps have a max capacity of between 25 to 30. This means you will never get lost in the crowd.

we welcome all levels but we have designed may to suit advanced to intermediate more and september to suit beginners to intermediate more. the only difference will be that our september camp will cover fundamentals