KOA Combat Camp


A womens Combat camp in the sun in one of Europes most loved destinations with a Handful of beaches only a matter of minutes away. We offer a Boxing, Gi, NoGi and MMA camp to suit all female fighters.... and we have beginners camps too! What more could you want? Come and join us on the mats in Corfu, greece!

KOA Boxing Week 2023
Koa Combat Camp BJJ GI Week
Koa Combat Camp NOGI Week
Koa Combat Camp MMA Week

KOA was created because when we ourselves were looking for decent training camps abroad there just wasn't much available within our budget. Sure there are some great camps in the UK but usually they are only for the weekend, of course you could always travel to Thailand or USA….. There was just no middle ground that offered more than just one discipline, for more than a weekend and that wasn't a long haul flight away. So we are here to fill that gap and we hope to do you all proud! 

We have thought about all of the essentials so you don't have to…..

Reasonably priced camp tickets. 

Amazing coaches. 

Low cost flights to our venue. 

Friendly gym away from home. 

Your own choice of accommodation. 

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